About Clare

I’m a misplaced American (she/her) living in England with my Brit partner and two kids. My background is in film, teaching, writing, and being overly excited about little things on a regular basis. I’ve been on some short lists, some long lists, and I won the Yeovil Literary Prize in 2018. I have been a member of a wonderful writing group, the Hogsback Writers, based in Surrey, since I moved to the UK in 2014.

Writerly wise, I’m represented in the UK by Catherine Pellegrino at Marjacq in London.

There are a number of issues I choose not to have an opinion on, or at least not a public one. But diversity/representation in books/media as well as the rights of those in marginalinzed communties to life and liberty are issues that I support in all the ways that I am able. My allyship is a work in progress; I’m always trying to learn more and be better at it.

I believe in promoting diversity through more than just tweets and biographical statements. If you’re POC/LGBTQ+ or from another marginalized community and need editing help, especially¬† with a query – get in touch and I’m willing to help.

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