Where have you been?

Since I last and too long ago posted on this site, I have been:

  • To Scotland with my family for two weeks.
  • To America, to my hometown, with my kids to say goodbye to my dying grandmother.
  • Through the first week of school in Reception (that’s British for pre-school but it’s IN an elementary school) with my youngest.
  • Too many school committee meetings because I volunteered to help. Big mistake.
  • To see a play about death. Aren’t they all about death?
  • Walked 13 plus miles with two lovely writer friends. We talked about writing. And boys. Also babies, food, mud, and other great feats of physical activity we’d performed. What we didn’t talk enough about was staying on our route, which made for extra sore feet. I’d do it again tomorrow.
  • Back to America for my grandmother’s funeral, on my own. I spoke on behalf of all the grandchildren and it was possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
  • To a workshop on plot wherein I got feedback on my WIP synopsis. Conclusion? It’s not good. But I already knew that!
  • To my writing group and then to the pub, where we talked about perseverance.

And now I’m home. Again. Trying to get back into the swing of writing life. Be patient dear reader. More to come.

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