The Dreaded Synopsis

First, let’s address the obvious question AKA the one I hear often at agent panels, see in #askanagent , and comes up a lot when people talk to me about looking at their query package – how important is the synopsis?

Short answer – it’s not that important. If an agent likes your sample writing enough, it isn’t a deal breaker.

Long answer – a synopsis, for an agent reading your submission, isn’t really about your writing. You include some of your book to demonstrate your kick ass writer skills. Your synopsis is there to demonstrate your ability to plot; to carry a story from beginning to likely sagging middle to hopefully satisfying ending. So in that sense, it is actually fairly important. That said, plots are far more “easily”, read as less-time-intensive to manage, than really crap writing. A good agent and editor can sit down with you over a cuppa tea and sort out your plot in a half hour, assuming you’re willing to collaborate (and here let me note writers unwilling to collaborate rarely have a career in this business)

Top Synopsis Tips:

  • it won’t be beautifully written, it can’t be, it shouldn’t be – aim for succinct.
  • you must reveal all the important plot points; yes even the ending.
  • try making a list of the all the key events, then string them together into paragraphs
  • write a really lean and punchy 250-300 word synopsis, then lengthen it if an agent calls for a full page, as it’s easier to expand than contract.

A few links I’ve found helpful:

How to write a 1-Page Synopsis from Susan Dennard on pubcrawl is top rec to every one. It has a nifty example using Star Wars that helps you visualize the things you need to cover.

A longer guide from the Literary Consultancy with good tips. They recommend a blurb type intro to your synopsis, which I would include only if you haven’t put it in your cover letter.

I like this one from The Writers’ Workshop as it has do’s and don’t’s as well as an example.

Scroll down past the page of banter (and here appreciate that in my post, I got straight to doling out the info!) this guy has for a basic description of creating The Synopsis of Power if you’re struggling to even get started. There are links to examples as well.

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